Not a bug Search result: word is too long/short or too common.


Affected version
So i added threads with the word "C-Systems" in the title. It shows the result fine but i noticed something.
Look at the following line in combination with the word i am searching for:
"The following words were not included in your search because they are too short, too long, or too common: C".

Now i think that there was no space between the word "C-Systems" so why does it tell me this about the word C.
Does it stip "-" even if its written in 1 word? Is this intentional or a bug?
That's a limitation of MySQL search.

If you use XFES then you can search for that string - you can test it out here.

This is down to how MySQL full text search tokenizes words and it will split on "-", which means that "c" won't be indexed. You can confirm this by searching for "systems" -- it will return a post with the content "c-systems".
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