XF 1.1 Search Indexing after Import - Runaway count


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I just migrated to Xen today! Yay!

I was letting the search index build and about 3 hours in when it got to be over 3.5Gb big and had over 8mil posts indexed when I only have around 4mil messages I just stopped the indexing.

Search function works but Im not sure what happened. The index table is bigger than the post table.

Any suggestions on how to clear it out and rerun the index?



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I rebuilt the table. I had truncated the data first or after I removed the keys, not sure, because when I ran the Enable Keys, the query ran OK and 0 rows affected.

Here is what this table stucture looks like, just wanted to see if someone see's anything wrong at this point, as search is working.

Google ChromeScreenSnapz017.jpg