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My latest incarnation for a new site playing host to a subject that lies close to my heart. It's taken a good while to get to where it is now and I can only but hope (as does every other site owner) that it will be well received.

I've tried to ensure that there's plenty of content to get things moving and I'll be adding to it constantly and promoting it wherever I can to attract some new members who are willing to add to the richness of the content and spark up some interesting conversations.

Here's a few screen shots along with the extra add-ons that have been implemented to give the site that extra bit of pizzazz; throw in a huge amount of customisation and a full EXTRA.CSS template and here it is.

A huge THANK YOU to @Brogan @Mike Creuzer @Bob @Snog for all their help, support, pointers and advice without which the site wouldn't look or perform as nicely as it does.





Comments, observations and suggestions are always most welcome.

These are the addons:




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Thanks to everyone for the comments and likes.

I've made one small cosmetic change to the featured thread list - the read more link has been given some extra styling using CSS (also changes color on hover) and the template has been edited to move the information details onto separate lines.

This helps a great deal when viewing on mobile devices and nothing get's squished into a small space.




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The only thing I don't like is all that "white".

I think you have to try a different background (darker) color or image/texture.


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The only thing I don't like is all that "white".
I purchased the XFA Background Chooser, but there is a slight problem with it using the Corp theme; there is a solution, but I'm snowed under at the moment and need a clear head to make the necessary changes. In the meantime, I looked at adding just a one-stop background, but there are numerous styling changes that would need to be made to cover up transparent areas that use the current background as a filler. I looked at it briefly last night, but I stopped reviewing at the 25th change needed lol. I'll get to this in due course and I do agree that the white is, in a word, yuk!


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I've changed the theme to give a richer darker look. Using Flatawesome+ Dark theme from @Russ with literally hundreds of style changes and even more added to the Extra.CSS file to get to where I wanted to be. I may make some small colour changes here and there as I start to use the new theme, but this is where it's at now. Some updated images below to reflect the changes:





A few loose ends to tidy up but that's it for now.



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Many thanks for the comments - @Russ your theme is a dream to work with, very easy to style either in the style properties or in the EXTRA.CSS template. I've made some more minor adjustments to the theme in various places to enhance the cosmetic look. Nothing major, just some colour adjustments and some additional CSS work on tabs and containers.

I'm almost where I want to be with the theme, so once I put everything to bed I'll be working on more content.



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Made some additional alterations to the forums and some colour changes here and there. Here's the new look for the forums:


And small cosmetic change to the Movie Trailers section for the text at the bottom of each movie (this is using Bob's Showcase BTW - excellent and very versatile add-on) and for the tabs:



There's not really much more to do cosmetically, though every now and again something will rise up and present a new challenge to be overcome.



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Only thing I'd maybe do, and it's more than own preference than anything else is centre the title and stats in showcase and maybe bold the font.


Good luck with your site. You have done a fantastic job so far :)


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I had been toying with the idea of starting a Spanish speaking forum about Sci-Fi games. Lately I’ve been playing Stellaris and Galactic Civilizations III. Maybe considering including that could work for your forum. I´ve also been reading (if audible is considered reading) lots of Sci-Fi books.


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@Motobaka that's a great idea. I'm particularly interested in your experiences with audio books. I've never had the pleasure of an audio book, would you consider joining the forum and giving your views, opinions and reviews of audio SciFi books in the books and authors forum and in the other interests forum your experience with SciFi games; if the latter is well received I'll create a specific forum for games.

Thanks again for the pointers.