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Science Fiction Legends


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Just launched a brand new site - let me know what you think of it.


The site has just opened so there are no members, as yet. But I've tried to fill the site with enough to get it going. I'll be adding new stuff daily over the next several weeks and hopefully people will register and become active adding even more.

So far there are:

160 movie trailers from the 50's to current (using the XenMedia Gallery)
Info on 115 TV shows from the 50's to current (using Snog's TMDb TV starter)
Info on new movie releases up to and including 2018
Info on new TV shows for 2016 and beyond
Books and Author info

I'll be adding some reviews and events that will be of interest to SF fans.

The site itself utilises:


Quite a lot of templates have been tweaked along with numerous CSS tweaks to give it the look I wanted. I'm also using Russ's Flatawesome+ Template.

I have say a BIG THANK YOU to Russ, Brogan and AndyB for their help and guidance, without which I'd have been stuck at a few fences.

All Science Fiction fans should find something of interest here.

Many thanks for taking a look.