School blocks forums

Hey all my school blocks everything if it has chat,forums,forum,commuinty, etc etc etc in it's name, if it runs media wiki it blocks it, they block yahoo anwsers.

The only site i have come across that it does not block is These forums. when i had my Xenforo forums up it would block it. I wish i new why, so i could edit templates to make it match lol.

Anyways my school blocks every site.... Unless they have a SSL then they can not (it kind of uses it's own proxy, as all sites are sent to a server before being passed on to the students.) Teahcers are like "they should block" i say "They can not, the info is encrypeted and sent from the browser to facebook." lol teachers are dumbfounded when i say that.

Also the school uses one password for all there sub accounts.


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Colin my sympathy. I am the Head of an online school and I am very used to hearing about technosaurus schools.
The way to protect young people is to educate them, not imprison them.

Of course very young children under 12 need to be protected bu from 12 upwards a young person can rapidly move into independence. I bet you could teach your teachers loads!

I use VB for our school at the moment, only because I have a huge custom mod on it. By next summer I plan to shift it to XF. Meanwhile I'm designing my personal forum with XF. (If you visit scuse the unregistered view which is headless - a <div> has gone missing somewhere!)