I was just wondering if xF is being built with scalability in mind. I mean i know you guys have some big board features like sphinx search etc planned but generally where is scalability on you list?


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It's already been tested on a big board and Kier said it worked very well. Also, I think considering who's developing this software, that's something they'll keep in mind anyway.
Thanks for letting us know where it stands, i won't even bother asking about security/performace because i already know where it is on your list :p
Yep, with 150 users online and not a single hiccup i think my question answered itself :p
Come on. A "big-board" has 1000-10,000 users online at a time, 10+ million posts. Anything below can be scaled rather effectively just by throwing simple hardware at the problem. At least in my microcosm.


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There is a difference between a big board, (frequently classified as having more than 500.000 posts) and a high traffic board with 1.000+ concurrent users online.
In any case, I am happy to read that XenForo has kept big boards and high traffic boards into account. I would be interested to learn about Xenforo performance & scalability.