Fixed  Saving change to Style Property Groups


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I'm attempting to change the .subheading bacground colour to @primarydark, when I click save I get
Security error occurred. Please press back, refresh the page, and try again.
I seem to get this error when I attempt any change to my custom style (which is a child of the XF default style) in style property groups.

Have tried in Firefox and Chrome.


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I'm running nginx proxying to Apache.

Apache modules are: alias authz_host autoindex cgi dir env expires headers info mi me negotiation php5 rewrite rpaf setenvif status

Interesting that I've been able to change and save my colour pallette, but get a permissions error when changing the style property groups.


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I fear I have posted this in the wrong forum, can a mod please move it to the new support area?

I also get it when trying to change the font.