Add-on Save thread titles(urls) automatically in a selected thread


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I might have an idea for an add-on. It might be useful for forums who want to offer better searching and indexing.

The concept is:

Once a thread is created in a forum(node), automatically the thread title(url) is posted to a previously selected thread (first post of the thread).

So you have all the thread titles of a node collected in one post.

Then mods could for example sort that list, maybe alphabetically or in other way.
So the whole purpose of the add-on is to copy the thread titles and post it in one post.

It would be also nice, if when these threads get deleted, that also the entries of the thread titles get deleted. Or when threads are moved. And so on. Also it would be nice that all forum nodes get their own threads, so everything is indexed right (so an option to configure this).

For example if your forum is about soccer and you have a forum node about soccer players. Then you could quickly have an index of threads in that node sorted alphabetically. So when people want to find the discussion thread of player xyz, they don't need to use the search function (as it will spit more results than you want and it could take you longer (when you use the enhanced version)). But with this indexing you only need to find that index thread of the node and scroll down to x, so you found that thread of the player x.
Or maybe it is not sorted alphabetically, it is sorted by teams. But this is the problem of mods, not the add-on's.
The add-on only needs to save the thread titles in one post.