Lack of interest Thread summary, important links and content in a reddit-like thread sidebar

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I think it would be awesome to have a reddit-like sidebar for specific threads or specific forum section (or both). So if you have a really long thread with lots of good information throughout - good links, books, other content/recommendations, it would be great to have a section where a moderator or another user with specific privileges can just stick the relevant/important content as a summary for reference. So instead of going through an entire thread of movie recommendations, weeding through hundreds of pages of discussion, someone can do the work for you, grab all of them and stick them into the "reference sidebar" for any newcomers who just came for the "tl;dr".

What do you guys think, is this a possibility?
If there is a way to achieve this functionality currently (without cheating by editing the first post in a thread to achieve the same effect), I'd love to know!
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