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Santa Hat Alerts

Santa Hat Alerts v1

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Shelley submitted a new resource:

Santa Hat Alerts (version v1) - This simple alteration will change the alerts from the standard ballons to santa hats.

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Summary: This alteration will changed the default standard alerts and display santa hats for the festive season for those that want to add that.
notes: If you have a custom navigation you may need to re-position the hats as this was tested on a default installation.

Install: Simply upload the santa hat to your /icons folder and paste the following in your EXTRA.CSS template....
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I think breast alerts would be inappropriate. However, i have a sense of humor and would tone it down with something like a "hairy Virgina" Or a droopy "Meat Stick". But breasts, oooooooh that would be too too vulgar.
What if we were to just call them plumpy fat sacks? Would that be more appropriate?