Sakuga City (Anime/Gaming site)

Site Name: Sakuga City

Site Launch Date 23 May 2016 - Just over 2 months old right now.

Description: Sakuga City is a forum for fans of anime, video games, comics, cartoons and other elements of geek culture. We are dedicated to being a safe and welcoming online community. Our plan is to expand, creating a content site along side the forum for news, reviews and articles.

The site is being ran by the former volunteer admins and moderators of a once popular 14 year old, 120k member, anime forum. We have the experience behind us in running successful fun communities, but it's our first time using Xenforo. The old site that was on vBulletin was sold and no longer exists, so we had no choice but to start over. Of course, we're hoping to build on that community and attract new members, so that it survives into the future as a community owned venture.

We are most definitely open to feedback, hence this thread. Please note though that the low quality logo at the top of the forum is just a rough. The other admins put it up as "beta" after I sent them a rough idea of what I was designing. It will be replaced by this in the next set of updates:

We're in the process of moving to faster servers. Just waiting on our sys admin to find the time to make the switch and perform the necessary updates. It's worth waiting to have it done professionally. :)
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Well, we moved the site off the godawful GoDaddy servers and changed it up slightly with the new logo and a rotating banner. :D
Forum is now running faster and smoother than before.
Gosh it has been a while since I posted D:

Since I was last here, we have added the AMS addon for community articles and reviews. We set up a team of people from the community who write at their own leisure. Since each and every one of us are volunteers, they write purely for their own enjoyment (myself included). Currently several articles in the WIP stage. It has been going down a treat with our members. :) <--- This is it in action.
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