Safe to buy right now?


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I am very tempted to buy Xenforo right now for my community but after reading a bit I had some worries. Is it a safe time to buy right now with the whole lawsuit thing going on? Should I wait till the lawsuit is over before making my purchase?

I am actually buying another licence right now, since I love developing with it and want to use the framework on one of my bigger projects. I'm worried there is an outside chance I might not be able to after the 5th (although it sounds unlikely)...

From what I've heard on these boards (albeit an often biased opinion), the worst situation is that you are left with a versions of XenForo that is then further developed by someone else (if at all), not that you will have to take down your forum

So I'm buying another licence based on that (and that I might not be given the chance to buy it after the 5th at all)
I think some have the case slightly misguided, there is no losing for XenForo on November 5th, all this is to see if the judge will dismiss the case due to vB slacking on their end.

So even if the judge denies XF motion to dismiss it'll still proceed as normal to regular date.

I believe that's all correct ^
Web thank you so much. Your appreciation increased my confidence so I did something Ive dithered on doing for months - started posting my tutorials into the Resource Manager.
TWEAK BABY is now 2.0 much improved (how to make small code changes safely)

Shan, that's terrific. I am tweaking my setup now so will be going through your very helpful resources!
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