XF 1.3 Safe to empty the xf_error_log table?

Hello guys!

I have to move a forum from one server to another. Nothing special... however I noticed that the xf_error_log is 2.7 GB !!!!

How safe is to empty this table?


P.S. I know this might be a stupid question, but I'm a bit paranoid when I have to handle big databases that don't have any proper backups :D Right now I'm trying to create a dump of the database and it seems that it's not downloading the whole database. It stops at ~4.2 GB ... and yes my HDD is not FAT32.


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That's a log of all of the errors in the ACP - you must have quite a few.

You can truncate it but as always, we don't recommend manual operations on the database and we would typically recommend taking a backup first, but that would defeat the point ;)