Safari push notifications coming to macOS and iOS

I downloaded the beta but as yet I don’t even get the confirmation alert.

Definately a step in the right direction though. Hopefully in the next beta!
I downloaded the beta but as yet I don’t even get the confirmation alert.

Definately a step in the right direction though. Hopefully in the next beta!
The features are currently disabled by default and do not work even when enabled.
So hype about this. This is going to be so good for so many xF communities and the wider internet in general.

While I'm also hype about this, I do also think that this may be coming now as they have recently added a lot more functionality to native push notifications.

This way the web ones could possibly be 'Push lite', but you need a native app for best notification management, which is very important now that we're inundated with them.

For example, you can now have 'Critical' notifications that bypass various silencing settings and 'Time Sensitive' notifications which 2FA apps use. This is very handy in security camera apps, as follows, the critical ones stay above all other notifications in your notification centre no matter what else comes in afterwards:


This could also be useful to XF admins for server error, user reports or account approvals if you want the fastest response.

They also have the ability to interact with the notifications on a deeper level, offering multiple feedback options from a single notification as follows:


I highly doubt this kind of interactivity will be available on their web notifications, and maybe that's why they've felt they can concede basic notifications to the web, while holding back rich ones to native apps, which kind of makes sense so they can claim they're not holding back on certain web standards. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

For basic user engagement though it could be great, until users start demanding better management of their notifications on their mobile device, otherwise they may turn them off again.
Even if I have to pay the yearly Apple Developer Program fee I would just to get this functionality on iOS.
Very unlikely. This is an open web standard so should be free to use. Would be very disappointing and against the spirit of web specifications if it was chargeable in some way.
This is terrible news, now no-one is going to want to buy the add-on I created for macOS push notifications.

I mean, no-one has bought it thus far since you need an Apple Developer Certificate, a Mac to generate the payload, plus it doesn't work with iOS, but now even fewer than no-one is going to buy it.


@DragonByte Tech I will buy it just to pay it forward because your add-ons rock... :)❤️
Some relevant stuff for those of us following closely:

Version 140 just came out.

Web API​

  • Added support for FetchEvent.handled API for Service Workers (r287915)
  • Enabled form.requestSubmit() (r288179)
  • Fixed nextHopProtocol exposed regardless of Timing-Allow-Origin (r288219)
  • Fixed input.labels inside shadow DOM (r288162)
  • Fixed canvas functions that take colors as strings to support all the syntax that CSS supports (r288134)
  • Implemented HTMLScriptElement.supports(type) method (r287996)
  • Improved computation of Service Worker FetchEvent.resultingClientId (r288201)

Web Extensions​

  • Fixed a crash when calling browser.webNavigation.getAllFrames() on an empty tab
  • Fixed Active tab permissions for a tab to get removed if a matching per-site permission changes to "Deny"
  • Fixed service worker background script errors to get reset each time they successfully load

(if those are the ones that matter)
iOS 15.4 Beta 4 has been released and unfortunately we've gone backwards.

They've removed the "Built-in notifications" experimental flag. Push API and Permissions API are still there though.

If I'm being optimistic, it might just be because it's actually kind of annoying having feature detection work for a feature that doesn't actually work. But we'll see.
Anyone in here been following the development of Orion?

It's a super-snappy and lightweight fork of Safari with customization that you'd expect from a modern browser. And... it has full support to use Firefox and Chrome add-ons and full support for iCloud passwords, bookmarks, and reading list. I've had the beta for months now and development has been fantastic. It actually blows my mind how much faster this browser is over Safari.

I don't use it as my main browser but watching the development has been satisfying.

What is Orion?
For now, Orion is an alternative browser for Apple users, open to the web and all its standards and protocols. One day, we hope everyone will say that it’s the best browser for all Apple devices.

If you want a lightning-fast browser that respects your privacy and stays out of your way while still getting the job done, Orion makes it possible! It was built for professionals by professionals, but everyone can benefit from it. Installing it on Grandma’s devices with its default settings will cut down on annoying ads and speed up page loads. Enjoy the web, Grandma!
FYI, with macOS 12.3 and iOS 15.4 updates that dropped yesterday, we got Safari 15.4. Release notes basically include the stuff we already talked about in this thread. Lazy image loading is now enabled by default so you may feel something "off" when you're on your forum, and that's what it is. I think the annoyances with the Froala text editor in XF are gone from what I see so far. I also notice that sites' favicons are automatically displaying a white border now, presumably to make them stand out on a dark background.


New Features​

  • Added ::backdrop pseudo-element support.
  • Added support for CSS Containment with the contain property.
  • Added CSS Cascade Layer support for improved developer control over cascading rules.
  • Added accent-color support to alter the accent color of form controls <input type="checkbox">, <input type="radio">, <progress>, <select>; text-input types with a <datalist> on macOS, iPadOS, and iOS; and <input type="range">, <button>, and <input type="button"> on iPadOS and iOS.
  • Added :has() pseudo-class support to match an element with an element that matches a given selector.
  • Added support for text-decoration-skip-ink to control how underlines and overlines are rendered.
  • Added support for small (svw, svh, svi, svb, svmin, svmax), large (lvw, lvh, lvi, lvb, lvmin, lvmax), dynamic (dvw, dvh, dvi, dvb, dvmin, dvmax), and logical (vi, vb) viewport units.
  • Added support for the :focus-visible pseudo-class to style the focus indicator only when rendered by the browser.
  • Added font-palette CSS properties to support recoloring color fonts.
  • Implemented the ic unit, equivalent to inline direction length (width or height) of the “水” glyph in the element’s current font.
  • Implemented calc() math functions including sin, cos, tan, e, pi, exp, log, atan, acos, asin, and atan2.
  • Added the appearance property, including appearance: auto, and aliased -webkit-appearance to the unprefixed property.
  • Added the mask property, along with the long-hand forms mask-image, mask-size, mask-repeat-x, mask-repeat-y, mask-origin, and aliased -webkit-mask.
  • Added the backface-visibility property and aliased -webkit-backface-visibility to the unprefixed property.
  • Added the text-combine-upright property and aliased -webkit-text-combine to the unprefixed property.
  • Added the print-color-adjust property and aliased -webkit-print-color-adjust to the unprefixed property.
  • Added the match-parent CSS value and aliased -webkit-match-parent for the text-align CSS property.

Resolved Issues​

  • Fixed an accessibility bug with display: contents, which incorrectly hid content from the accessibility tree.
  • Fixed the drawing area to be painted when the computed border-width is 0 and the border-image-width is set or defaults to a number.
  • Fixed rem in media queries to calculate using font-size: initial, not the root element font-size.
  • Fixed background-attachment: local.

Removed Features​

  • Removed non-standard CSS properties -webkit-border-fit, -webkit-margin-collapse, -webkit-margin-top-collapse, -webkit-margin-bottom-collapse, -webkit-margin-before-collapse, -webkit-margin-after-collapse, and -webkit-background-composite.


New Features​

  • Added support for the <dialog> element.
  • Added lazy-loading support for images with the loading attribute on the <img> element.
  • Added support for the autofocus attribute.

Web API​

New Features​

  • Added support for Web App Manifest icons, shown when no apple-touch-icon is provided and when either "purpose": "any" is present or the "purpose" key isn’t present at all.
  • Improved Web App Manifest to always attempt to fetch the manifest file.
  • Enabled BroadcastChannel for communication between different windows, tabs, frames, or iframes.
  • Added support for ServiceWorker downloads.
  • Added support for ServiceWorker Navigation Preload.
  • Added support for the CSS scroll-behavior property and ScrollOptions, allowing smooth scrolling to anchors or via JavaScript.
  • Added support for the ResizeObserverEntry and ResizeObserverSize interfaces.
  • Added support for the Web Locks API.

Resolved Issues​

  • Fixed Fetch using FormData with a file not going through ServiceWorker.

Removed Features​

  • Removed the XSS Auditor.


New Features​

  • Added Object.hasOwn().
  • Added self.structuredClone().
  • Added Array.prototype.findLast and Array.prototype.findLastIndex.
  • Added , , and
  • Added Intl.NumberFormat.prototype.formatRange and Intl.NumberFormat.prototype.formatRangeToParts.
  • Added Intl.PluralRules.prototype.selectRange.
  • Added the Intl enumeration.
  • Added the Intl.Locale info extension.
  • Updated Intl.DisplayNames to V2.
  • Updated Intl.NumberFormat to V3, supporting new options.
  • Supported the TimeZoneName option in Intl.DateTimeFormat.


New Features​

  • Added support for WebRTC perfect negotiation.
  • Added in-band chapter tracks support.

Private Click Measurement​

New Features​

  • Enabled unlinkable tokens for triggering events on a merchant website.
  • Added support for same-site conversion pixels on merchant websites, to enable removal of cross-site tracking pixels.
  • Allowed measurement of links in nested, cross-site iframes on publisher websites.

Safari Web Extensions​

New Features​

  • Added support for manifest_version 3 and related API changes.
  • Added support for service_worker background scripts as an alternative to nonpersistent background pages.
  • Added support for script and style injection via the browser.scripting APIs.
  • Added support for dynamic and session rules via the browser.declarativeNetRequest APIs.
  • Added support for webpage-to-extension messaging using externally_connectable:matches.

Resolved Issues​

  • Fixed: Limits are now enforced on the size and number of items in extension sync storage.
  • Fixed: More directives are now allowed to be included in the content_security_policy of an extension’s manifest, such as the sandbox directive.
  • Fixed: Special matching characters (*, |, ||, and ^) in urlFilter of declarativeNetRequest rules are now handled, instead of being treated as regex patterns.
  • Fixed: Promise returns from runtime.onMessage listeners are now allowed for the message reply.


New Features​

  • Improved support for Content Security Policy 3:
    • Added correct blocked resource violation reporting for inline script, inline style, and eval execution.
    • Added support for the 'strict-dynamic' source expression.
    • Added support for the 'unsafe-hashes' source expression.
    • Added support to allow external JavaScript matching hash source expressions.
    • Added support for the 'report-sample' expression.

Web Inspector​

New Features​

  • Added CSS alignment controls in the Styles panel.
  • Added support for showing the related @layer for CSS rulesets in the Styles panel.
  • Improved CSS auto-completion in the Styles panel with fuzzy matching.
  • Added CSS variables grouping by type in the Computed panel.
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