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It looks cool, but as so many have said already, why are you hiding a DEMO of this template, I spent at least 10 min now to find one, normally I was long gone and would not return.

The demo area of our styles is closed. Many labor thieves make use of the source codes of the designs on our demo site and produce fake versions by revising old versions. Naturally, we do not want to offer such opportunities to such people.

We see many designs belonging to us on some null sites. The designs published there are completely fake and non-original versions.

Demo versions of designs are only allowed to be displayed on our website for a limited time for users who have been approved for membership. For this, it will be enough to send us a private message on our website.

Thank you for your understanding.
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Accounts are approved according to the eligibility rules set for our website.

You can read the following topic for approval procedures.

Thank you for your understanding.


Your account is currently awaiting approval by an administrator. You will receive an email when a decision has been taken.
UserName: HenJi
Please approve, thanks!


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thanks, expect me to buy today :)

btw what addon is this? on attachment

You may find it following URL,

[BS] Live forum statistics 1.2.1



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Hi @Osman ,
Can you please approve my registration so I can proceed with acquiring everything for my project?

The name I used was SkyClouds.

Thanks! 🙏