RTL support is imperative


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I've read somewhere that RTL wasn’t in the priority list for XF at the moment. I would beg to differ on this case, one of the reasons I haven’t purchased a license here is due to the lack of support for RTL. XF is built UTF-8 from ground up and as demonstrated by Msharry here, http://xenforo.com/community/threads/1-0-0-b1-basic-rtl.5605/, It can be easily done. However, Msharry's modification leaves some other area's that wont be affected by it.

Anyway, on behalf of all RTL, I am calling on XF to take this suggestion seriously, and to please give us a version one with RTL support.


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Indeed. After seeing so little issues left after applying this add-on, I see no reason to not start supporting the other 30% of the world :)


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i am with xenforo!! i am working with some other members in this forum translating the language to arabic + working on RTL style just to support those who needed until XF releases an official style which i think would be more valuable
XF should make this a priority...