RTL support + search IN thread option ?


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So far i've been really impressed by xenForo, and I can't wait until it's released.
But one thing is very critical for me as my forums are in Hebrew. Will, unlike vBulletin, xenForo will completely support RTL mode?

+ Is it possible that there isn't "search in this thread" option?

Keep up with the good work! :cool:


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  • That's too bad. as much as I love xenForo, it is worthless for me without RTL support
    and with all the problems IB had with it, I don't think it is that easy as Mike says.
  • Hope it will implent :)


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I would assume they will support RTL at some point, and since the markup is done right, I think it is almost as easy as just changing all left/right references in the CSS and cleaning up any problematic areas.


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"It is that easy -as- Mike says".

He was agreeing with Mike.
Yeah, that's what I meant. Excuse me for my English...
Mike was saying there's more to consider than just changing left-to-right attributes.

IB made a BIG mistake releasing vB4 without RTL support, leaving 30% or so of it's customers. and even so long after... they still didn't manage to do it right!
It might be because they're not doing it right... or, it is not as easy.