Fixed RTL Style Error 2


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Thanks again for reporting this as well, looks like I'm always one step behind. Anyway, I'd suggest also when reporting a bug to put a descriptive title so that it could be clearer from the first glance. Well, just my 2¢.


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sorry , but u are not mike and Kier ... and I do respect them...
I dont know how do you understand non-respect in the message ,,
and Mike , I am sorry if I make that mistake ... that was a happy message ..
which mean I am very happy and waiting ...

keep the good and hard work .... :D


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hi mike , how are u ? :) hope ur OK :cool:
I will open new bug as I think these errors are not related to this .... :(
see this

and this one here

if u could check if these related or not so I put these into a new thread

thanks :love:
I am not good to choice the appropriate word as I am not a native English sp but I want to say I appreciate your work :whistle:
and all respect for u

and I did not say thanks for you VincentU ... thanks for telling me that I did something wrong .. I respect that ... but the world is not all black and white ...
plz see the good in people ... as I did not meant to disrespect anybody :unsure: