Fixed RTL Style Error


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1.1 b1
you can see in the pic below that the tooltip is over the text ...
I am not aware if there is Style [if condition] ... so if the language is RTL Adjust the Style proprieties accordingly

to solve it :

  • Tooltip->


  • Tooltip Arrow->

with this solution even after going to LTR [English] it will display [properly] see Pic below​

and here is RTL Mod​


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also in the InlineModOverlay , xenTooltip inlineModCheckTip, and previewTooltip appear outside the page ...see pics

I solved this before by modify the JS files but we should have the ability to modify it easily or as in the previous post [if condition]in the JS files


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OK, thanks Borgan.
I saw the first bug in this thread and didn't realize you combine all RTL issues in one thread. I even was going to post a suggestion for the first reporter to separate each bug in it's own thread/report.
Anyway, glad to see you are working quickly and hard to fix bugs in 1.1 beta 1, looking forward to seeing beta 2. :D


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OK, I hope all the issues in this thread get fixed and none of them get missed. That's why I thought it's better each of them get its own thread/report. :)


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The fact that the thread is still in the Open Bug Reports forum and hasn't been prefixed with Fixed, was a fairly good indication of that.


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I believe everything listed here is fixed now, though I'm still going through checking stuff. :)
There used to be one issue with avatar in member card. If the dimensions of avatar are smaller than the provided space then it was not aligned in absolute middle. Hope that is fixed as well. :)