As designed RSS Feed old text is shown


when I want to use the RSS feature to be updated with threads there is always just the content of the first post shown.
Example: On a thread with 10 "Posts" or comments there is always the first post content given.
Thanks in advance,


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Hi Brogan,

This behavior doesn't really work for most users.

Can you make the behavior configurable so that the site administrator can choose to show the first post in the thread or the most recent post in the thread?



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Brogan by himself doesn't just decide that it should or should not be included and make it so since the team votes on the popularity of suggestions.

Making a thread in the suggestions section pitching a suggestion and why you feel it could be valid and useful is the best way to garner support from other Xenforo license holders (in the form of likes on your post) which is ultimately what gets suggestions implemented.