XF 1.2 Route Filters

Route Filters are a new system in XenForo 1.2 to allow you to change the standard URLs generated by XenForo, including any URLs generated by add-ons.

It's a fairly simple system to show, but it's very powerful with a little thought. Let's look at what you can set with it:


Other than a list of route filters, that's really it for the system. So how about a few examples...

Changing a route prefix
There's an add-on that does this right now, but we can do it simply from here. For example, if you want to change the resources URL to downloads, you'd just enter resources/ in the find box and downloads/ in the replace box.

Instantly, any links to http://xenforo.com/community/resources/ would become http://xenforo.com/community/downloads/. URL canonicalization would still happen, but it'd use the new URLs.

So yes, if you want to change the forums prefix, you can do that.

Note that the find and the replace fields both need to start with a "prefix" (basically, alphanumeric and dash), so you can't simply remove a route prefix. Doing that would break everything. :)

Changing a more specific URL
If you want to change a specific URL--or any URL that begins with a particular string--you can do that with route filters.

Maybe you have a page with a URL like pages/page-name/ and you'd rather it be page-name/. You can do that by simply entering those in the find and replace boxes respectively.

You can even create different URLs for specific threads if you wanted to, or maybe a different URL for navigating pages in threads--find: threads/{title}/page-{num:digit}, replace: threads/{title}/{num:digit}-duplicate-posts .

While it may require a bit of manual work, you could get pretty creative with your URLs. You could even give your page URLs hierarchy, if that's how you store your pages:

pages/btcc/ -> btcc/
pages/btcc-2013/ -> btcc/2013/
pages/btcc-2013-drivers/ -> btcc/2013/drivers/
pages/btcc-2013-races/ -> btcc/2013/races/

Creating aliases
Up until this point, I haven't mentioned the "incoming URL conversion only" option. I've assumed that it hasn't been checked up until now.

This option lets you allow a URL to work but it doesn't affect what's considered the canonical version. So maybe we want to have releases/114 take us to our 1.1.4 release threads/xenforo-1-1-4-released.47030/ but we want the original URL to be the real URL. We could do that by putting threads/xenforo-1-1-4-released.47030/ in the find box and releases/114 in the replace box. I'm aware this might seem backwards, but the system is written from the perspective of outgoing conversions, so find represents the URL XF is generating; the incoming conversion reverses it. It means that you don't have to swap the values in find/replace if you check/uncheck the incoming only option.

...So go wild! :)


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I like this - a good way of future-proofing add-ons or XF changes that affect URLs - as well as a great way of getting rid of "/pages/". (y)


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Would a person be able to replace old Kier's vB rewrites (showthread, printthread, etc.) with these route replacements? Just remove the showthread.php file and let xF reroute to the correct page?


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That looks very cool.

Is it possible to dynamically add route filters at run time that would affect only current page?


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You should be able to without much issue. Just need to manipulate what values are shown to the page.


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I made the mistake of installing Xenforo in a folder called /forums (rationale /forum is where I had vBulletin installed as I was importing), so this is a very welcome surprise!!!!!:cool:


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What's the impact on performance / server load as increasingly more route filters are added?

I'm not sure about the limitations of this, can we do this for the whole forum:

Change: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/route-filters.47946/

to: http://xenforo.com/forum/forum_id/route-filters.47946/ ?


Change: http://xenforo.com/community/forums/have-you-seen/


http://xenforo.com/forum/forum_id/ ?

In other words change the complete URL structure similar to what vbseo used to do for vb, or is the system not designed for this purpose? Also how does it impact SEO, does it deal well with that (i.e. no duplicate content)?


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That's one less addon I can uninstall. Thanks Mike. Jake's Route addon is awesome. I never imagined y'all would add it into Xenforo but the fact that you did means your coming closer to the great SEO options of Wordpress more and more every day.