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XF 1.3 Route Filter for Pages


Well-known member
Is it possible to create a route filter so that when I create a custom page, it can just be domain.com/test-page instead of domain.com/pages/test-page?

I read the help page and thought I had it set up right but I guess not.



Well-known member
Thanks. So this will have to be set up for each individual page I want to operate this way, correct? There's no way for this to be done for all pages.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Actually, it can be automated slightly but yeah, you certainly can't remove the route completely.

Let's say you were producing a manual using XenForo pages.

You'd maybe have:


Without Route Filters, you would probably have a URL structure like this:


So, if you then set up a Route Filter like this:


Those URLs would become:


The beauty is, because that finds only pages/manual-{name}/ it means you can set up others, or even have pages that still use the pages route.