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So I've only just recently came across this browser that especially integrates itself with Social Networking systems.

Over 50 thousand people have liked it on facebook so it must be big already however I haven't tried it and it looks quite good.

Rockmelt Homepage

Do you use it?
Added a poll, because I like polls!

Here is a bit on the Wiki Article.
RockMelt is a proprietary social media web browser developed by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria. The project is backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen. RockMelt integrates a unique technique for surfing the web that focuses on Google Search and Social Media, in particular Facebook and Twitter.
The browser was launched in private beta on November 8, 2010 and now it is in the public version beta, free for everyone. Until March 2011, users were required to connect their Facebook account to the website in order to download it. RockMelt supports Windows and Mac OS X platforms.
RockMelt is based on Google's open-source project Chromium, now is on version 11. This is a cross-platform family of browsers (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) that use the open-source web layout engine WebKit—jointly built by Apple, Google and the open-source community—but have the JavaScript engine replaced by Google's own V8, also open-source.
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Digital Doctor

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I'm just not seeing a good reason to switch to it.
I'd have to see a video showing how it is more "social" than Chrome or FireFox.
Hard to say if there is a need for another browser.
If I was making a browser to compete with IE, Firefox and Chrome .... I think I'd try to make it better for Facebook than any of the other browsers.


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Meh, Firefox works as do the approximately 372,281,838 add-ons for it. Don't see a reason to change or even download, try, and uninstall something else.


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This whole social media craze is driving me bonkers. Not saying the browser isn't good but I want to stay as far away from fb and twitter as I possibly can.
Agree chrome works great tons of addons no need to change...
"No" and "I'm sticking with my own browsers" is the same thing? :/
Agree chrome works great tons of addons no need to change...
"No" and "I'm sticking with my own browsers" is the same thing? :/
It was 2 in the morning where I was sleep deprived so I wasn't really thinking. But I guess you could also check "I am planning to try it out" but also say you will be sticking to your own browsers. :p


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Even though I am one that is totally against this whole social media phenomenon it looks like it will be right up the alley for those that are into the social thing.

I personally don't care to read about what someone had for breakfast, or that they are so bored at work plus all of your friends that are all of a sudden Susie Homemaker and every one of their posts are about selling something like herbalife.


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I loved Netscape 0.7 - it was a revolution !

I loathed the day Microsoft bundled IE4 with Windows and killed Netscape.
Netscape killed its own market when they charged $49.99 at Computer City for a boxed edition.
Netscape even had speed accelerator and download resume, which IE never had.

Digital Doctor

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You missed MOSAIC ? and LYNX ?
Lucky You !

For me, when Netscape 0.7 rolled out .... I was awe struck at how great it was. After that release I knew this internet thing would be good. I remember finding out new sites ... mostly by word of mouth. People would say ... hey ... did you know Coca Cola has it's own site now ? and I'd type it in and check it out. Then things started getting easier ... and there was this super cool thing called Yahoo and you could SEARCH for site on a topic you were interested in. That got me really excited !

The noisy modems ... Trumpet Winsock ... huge 8 Meg Hard drives.

O the days !