Roadmap for the near future


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I understand that 1.0 gold is the short-term goal now, and no new features will be added to it.

Is there a public roadmap of the new features that will be added shortly after the gold release?

I'm still undecided, I miss a couple features, and knowing that they will be added very soon would count a lot... :) Most of these I could live without in the short-term, but one feature is still a big show-stopper for me, and that's the "ignore thread" feature.




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I know it's really dangerous to promise dates as lots of things change and they can drop back but any chance of a (very) vague release schedule just so those of us leaving VB can plan ahead a bit.

Even something like e.g. 1.0 gold in 2 months, 1.1 expected 6 months later, etc would be a huge help, even if you miss it.


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I've got 10 to 1 odds on Friday...or Thursday :p
Friday's usually not a good time because of the weekend. You really need to put the support there after an announcement like this one.

I usually do stuff like this on Tuesdays. That way there's plenty of time ahead, and I can go through everything one more time on Monday... :)

But hey, I wouldn't mind a Thursday in this case. :):):)


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We're not releasing 1.0.0 stable this week. You could expect RC2 though.