Worst case scenario for the future of XenForo?

The cost of a XenForo license is fair, however I was a bit shocked at the high cost for the No Branding cost. Keeping that in mind, before I spend the money, is there any kind of guarantee to the ongoing support for XenForo?

I'm asking because I've been hesitant to make the purchase in light of the vBulletin/XenForo legal issues. While the legal stuff is none of my business, the ongoing support and upkeep of XenForo would be a concern for me if I spend the money. What's the worst case scenario that may happen... can XenForo be shut down?

I'm not trying to start any drama, I'm just genuinely concerned before I spend the money.

Anthony Parsons

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Kier and Mike have made an official statement: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/a-statement-regarding-the-current-litigation.7567/

They have clearly stated that all claims have been denied and are defending their positions.

Nobody could honestly tell you what the worst case is, because nobody could know that at this point until it gets to court. It hasn't done a thing yet.

Like thousands of others... just jump in and don't let VB intimidation tactics stop you, which is the point of it all... to put doubt in people such as yourself, mind. XF is strongly going forward... so I wouldn't let it bother you to be quite honest.

You will know at the same point everyone else does.


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Personally I don't think its that complicated. Worst case scenario will always be the worst thing you could imagine. Think about it and decide whether you are ready to take risk.

Everyone starts a business with a good intention of doing business and supporting its customers. With Kier's team you have thier historical behaviour on how they support and can see here how many users have taken that risk (including me).

Digital Doctor

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I'm asking because I've been hesitant to make the purchase in light of the vBulletin/XenForo legal issues.
Well, here are your options:

vBulletin: vB4 was possibly the worst product launch of all time. In one product launch, IB turned a bevy of vBulletin fanboys into haters. Years and years of blindvB love was instantly destroyed because vB4 was so horrible. vBulletin is now run by a large (but failing) company. IB can't even use the software it created - almost none of their sites run vB4 yet (ouch!). vB4 design is flawed, outdated, slow and cumbersome. vB4 suite is embarassing. Bridging other software to the bloated vB4 mess is difficult. The community atmosphere (one of the best things about vB in the days) is ruined, replaced by a corporate atmosphere. The best part of vBulletin is that there are alot of people selling their copies. You should be able to pick it up for just above what phpBB3 charges.

xenForo: a next generation forum software, likely with a keen eye to becoming more. When vB was the only forum software worth using vB3, vB3.5, Kier and Mike were a large part of the success - they now work here. The atmosphere of supporting and helping each other is alive and well here. The addons keep pouring in. Is there some legal risk xenforo is facing ? Maybe. But is it reasonable to want to use crappy vB4 run by a corporation with no vision who has to deal with outdated code and really needs to entirely re-write vB4 to make it worthwhile ? Umm... Hell no.

To create vB4 there were two choices for vBulletin:
  • (1) Continue much of the core of vB3.5 and addon some code to make vB4 a more modern forum package or
  • (2) Spend the big bucks and totally re-write vBulletin.
Mike and Kier wanted option (2), IB chose option(1).
Welcome to xenforo, option (2), an entirely new forum.
If the catastrophic release of vB4 didn't convince you who was right, I don't think you'll ever know where to put your money.

Best of Luck. I'd sell you my vB4 licence, but I'm not that cruel.


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I think vb and xF look sorta the same from a distance. However upon closer inspection, it's obviously two different birds. I have no doubt that xF will NOT get in trouble for copying vb software.

The only thing that concerns me is that supposedly someone bought the xenforo domain a year before leaving vb. But those are only rumors, and I do not speak for xenforo or it's community. I'm just expressing my own personal opinion.

I am confident xF will continue, and support will continue. I just hate it that vb is doing this in fear of losing business, to scare people away from xF, instead of trying to improve to actually become the preferred choice. I will never purchase vb because of that.