Duplicate Rich text editors in admin control panel for custom pages, communications, etc.


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I once suggested a WYSIWYG editor for sending emails from the control panel. It was marked as Lack of Interest and I imagine it would require extra effort to get it working correctly since email formatting is weird. (@DragonByte Tech has an add-on to do this, fyi.)

It would be nice (and I'm assuming easier to implement?) if page nodes had a WYSIWYG editor. Pages can have a lot of text content that might need a lot of markup to look presentable. Frequently using HTML for font styles, colors, lists, links, quotes, etc, can start to become cumbersome. Likewise, if you are constantly updating the page or adding new pages, working with HTML is again cumbersome.

In the same vein, using the control panel to send the welcome conversation and other private messages accepts BB code, but it might as well have the full WYSIWYG editor at that point.
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