XF 1.5 Rewrite Image links?


I'm trying to change a forum from using imgur over http to using imgur over https for embedded images. I've searched around, but all of the "rewrite links" rules that I can find are for rewriting visited URLs, not embedded photos. I've also got a few images hosted locally, with the same issue.

Is there an "easy" way to rewrite the links? I'm imagining at this point that I would have to generate a SQL query and rewrite the database itself, but I'm not sure if XenForo would pitch a fit. I'd also like a way to automagically rewrite these links as users add them, until I can disable mixed content entirely.

Thank you in advance!
Thank you. :) I was aware of image proxying, but I don't really have the bandwidth or storage space or server power for that.

Is there no way to rewrite links like this?