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Rewrite Ebay Links


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Or an add on that would let you use regex so it can accommodate all sorts of affiliate links.

I was hoping the word censor would have that functionality but it doesn't... Maybe it's too resource intensive?
I guess that would work for the time being but when I tried to sign up with them when they first launched they checked out my site and saw that I was using the Ebay Partner Network and said that I'm better off sticking with them direct as Driving Revenue takes a percentage of what I make from the Ebay ads. Ebay pays me direct and it's only their cut that's kept, not theirs + Driving Revenue.
I see that VigLink bought Driving Revenue. I tried to add their code to the PAGE_CONTAINER template but no links are converting. I think a modification might still be needed?

Also, from this page http://www.viglink.com/corp/faq under
How does payment work?

VigLink typically takes 25% on commission earned by publishers.

I get paid what I earn through the Ebay Partner Network so a modification that will convert their links on the fly is much more beneficial. I'd rather make $100 than $75 or even $1,000 than $750.
VigLink typically takes 25% on commission earned by publishers.
From what I have seen on a forum that I have set up with viglink it is more like they give you 25%. On a few affiliate links where i know exactly what the product was and what the commission the site gives affiliates it shows me earning 25% of the commission. Unless they receive drastically lower commissions than if I would personally sign up with a site then the taking 25% isn't true.
I did add it to test but it doesn't rewrite the Ebay links. Amazon rewrites fine but Ebay doesn't get credited nor rewrites. I'm adding their specific code to the footer template and when I test with a link their site says that VigLink is installed on my site. My two clicks to an Amazon link shows in my dashboard but my 3 to Ebay links do not.

That being said, I would be willing to pay for a version of the modification above for Xenforo.


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I'm looking for a developer that will create an add-on that will rewrite any ebay links to an ebay affiliate link. Basically port the vB version to XF.

I'd be happy to pay someone for their time.