XF 2.2 Problem with Ebay links


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I have noted that on my forum also with the default style, the Ebay links are not converting good to show the preview of the link.
In Firefox, the preview of a normal Ebay link is shown not good without the image, on Chrome it works.


so the Ebay affiliation links as this:


are not converted as shown also here and in the image.

Is there a way to solve this?
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As far as I can tell, it works as expected when I try it:

Looking at the BB code of your post, the no unfurling was attempted for the URL, so I'd have to guess it was pasted in and autolinked by the browser. We only do unfurling if we create the link as part of our processes. I've tried this in both Firefox and Chrome and it worked as I'd expect.


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Sorry Mike, I didn't understand.

It seems you have posted that link equal to my one but to you is been converted and my one not.
I don't understand why.
Here I have paste it in the post by hand and is not been converted.