Duplicate Problem with NYT/WSJ links opened from Twitter

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So, I am facing this issue because Chrome removed the copy link option from the share menu on Android. This one usually copies a cleaner version of the URL. Now I am forced to copy the url from address bar which is pretty messed up for a lot of sites.

Here is an example. A link from NYT Twitter feed:
On Chrome Android, it loads:

Now if I paste this (expanded) link in XenForo post editor... It tries to render both links creating a messed up output. Should be visible below:

Looks like this link is handled correctly here. But it breaks on my board. I guess I should look at my addons. It is also breaking on my test install without any addon but that's running a slightly older XenForo build.

It broke on a test board I just created.



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ah. i did go through 2 pages of resolved bug reports. this is from a month ago. good to know it would be fixed in next update! thanks.

nm it was on the first page itself 🤦‍♂️