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review please

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mike Law, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Mike Law

    Mike Law Active Member

    We finished moving, with a big thank you to Kier and Brogan!



    Please let me know if you think we can use certain mods or need to make some changes!
    I am looking for a designer to help make it more unique!
  2. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Glad to see you finally got up and running.

    I would consider creating a fixed width style for those who prefer it.
    If you do it as a child of your main style, all changes will be inherited.
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  3. Slavik

    Slavik XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    Few things.

    Header picture + background colors do not match.

    The font in the header is weird, I first read it as "Uden Uk" Law Forum... personally I don't like the arching at all.

    Adverts are aligned to the left... I think they would look better center aligned.

    The bottom border looks like you forgot to change it? Still a creamy color pposed to the blues / browns you are using.

    A small space between your banner and the navbar would be good.

    But grats on moving over :)
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  4. Mike Law

    Mike Law Active Member


    1) Logo adjusted... I luckily asked the designer for both versions
    2) I cant see a difference in color, or perhaps I dont understand where you mean
    3) I dont actually know how to change the alignment, can someone guide me?
    4) Sorry, maybe I am just looking past things, I cant seem to see a difference
    5) Like that?

    I am not really a designer, so not to good at this stuffh
  5. Jose Amaral Mota

    Jose Amaral Mota Active Member

    You might also want to correct your 'AdSense' placements, as you have it on non-content areas of your forum. Check out 'Template Modifications and or Ad-dons Releases forum here on XenForo.com
  6. Wuebit

    Wuebit Well-Known Member

    Default theme .... need I say more

    "Law Students discussing on Law Forums" delete from forum page imo
    Top forum Bar has no text in it looks way out of place
    the cat Law Student subjects looks way to long maybe split them up some

    my Privoxy blocks all ads so can't comment on them (tho I would just get rid of them fugly ads...)
  7. Mike Law

    Mike Law Active Member


    The ads bring in decent revenue so I rather not remove them.
    Yeah default always kinda takes away from being original.

    Looking for a themer, $200 for a cool design law school related!

    The title puts me on #1 at google, it's as with all things a compromise.

    Will put text I top bar, this does look weird!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!!
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  8. Wuebit

    Wuebit Well-Known Member

    It is on the page in your Title of your brower :) that is just a repeat
    Well Ad's or looking good :) I'll let you pick

    Good luck with your new theme
  9. Mike Law

    Mike Law Active Member

    You have a cool forum, as I live in Japan if you ever need something "local" just ask! (since your forums seems somewhat otaku related)
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  10. Wuebit

    Wuebit Well-Known Member

    otaku AHHHHHHHH please no don't think that :C
    Thanks for the offer.. your my new best friend (- the otaku comment) :D
  11. Mike Law

    Mike Law Active Member

    I bet your into AKB48! hahahahaha

    How did you make the forum bars with the little image?
  12. Wuebit

    Wuebit Well-Known Member

    I have no idea what that is so no :p

    Very poor coding made a quick table >.>
  13. Jose Amaral Mota

    Jose Amaral Mota Active Member

    You might want to review 'AdSense Policy' about ad placements....
  14. Mike Law

    Mike Law Active Member

    Ahh the placement is due to me not being able to figure out how to put them in their old spot!
    I am not a coder...
  15. Mike Law

    Mike Law Active Member

    Could you guide me through it?
    I really would like to make something there!
  16. Wuebit

    Wuebit Well-Known Member

    It was built with my site in mind, I don't think the code would work on your skin (most of my skin's classes have changed)

    basicly its just a table like this

    <table style="width: what ever your size would be px">
    <td></td><td class="category bar class" style="width: what ever your size would be px;">&nbsp</td>
    <td class="node/category bar class">
    And some extra css for the images
    Like I said poor coding and one big mess
  17. Jose Amaral Mota

    Jose Amaral Mota Active Member

  18. ExpertPixels.com

    ExpertPixels.com Well-Known Member

    when asking for a review it's best to have something Unique... I know XF is new but imagaine having every WP site owner ask for a review with not much more changed than the logo :S
  19. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    That can be said about nearly all of the styles that have been released as well.

    Some people like the plain look of XenForo, and ask for a review on their forum hierachy as well as customizations done to the site itself.
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  20. Mike Law

    Mike Law Active Member


    I didnt mean so much a review on style, as we all know there are no unique styles floating around for xenforo,
    with high hopes I clicked your link to find some, but there was nothing to be found.... hopefully soon!

    I am more interested to see if it all works, advise on placements and functionality.

    As I mentioned earlier, I don't have a large budget but be happy to pay $200 for someone to make my site look unique!

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