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Restore Strikethrough In Editor 1.0.1

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Chris D

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Chris D submitted a new resource:

Restore Strikethrough In Editor - Position of strikethrough button can optionally depend on viewport width.

This add-on restores the strikethrough button in the XenForo 1.3 editor, alongside the B I U buttons.

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By default the following options are enabled:
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The "Responsive" option will make it so that at wider widths the S button will only appear next to the B I U buttons. And at narrower widths, the button will be hidden and the current default of it appearing in the Insert drop down will be...

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@Chris D, small bug?

Quick reply editor looks fine:

Edit a post (this one has been edited 3 times just to reflect what's showing up):

notice the additional buttons?
Thanks for the addon! Our Community is really thankful right now :D

Did anyone found a solution to the 'multiple strikethrough buttons' in the inline editor yet? I couldn't figure it out yet but some odd thing I found: Everytime you click edit on a post (conversation message) will add an additional button to the toolbar. Does anyone know in which template the inline editor or the toolbar are defined?
Got it installed thanks! But I am not seeing the Strikethrough S, just a blank space to the right of Underline... (But it works) :D
Just installed it also, and mine and blank also..

If you're using a custom graphic for the buttons or have replaced the graphic with something like Font Awesome then you would need to set it up yourself.

It will work perfectly on the default style.
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