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Responsive Social Sharing Buttons (Lite)

Responsive Social Sharing Buttons (Lite) 1.3.5

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Adds Responsive Social Share Buttons to Threads


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@SimonV - Do these work with XenPorta1? I'd be interested.
From memory no, not without some customisation. I use it on one of my forums but had to make adjustements to the "EWRporta_ArticleView" template. This is a page using XenPorta1.

If you have 'Globalized Custom Layouts' enabled for your articles then the CSS and JS will be missing due to the template being used will be changed from "view_thread" to "EWRporta_ArticleView". You would need to include the CSS and js in that template plus make further adjustments for positioning.

add css
<xen:require css="SV_rrssbDefault.css" />
add js at bottom
<script type="text/javascript" src="./js/rrssb/rrssb.min.js"></script>
Here is a couple suggestions.

I like your social buttons, but I think it is too tacky to run them half way
across the screen, and there is no other option, you either you use them,
or do not use them, and have to uncheck them off to shorten the bar.

i think you should use the approach of AddThis...I want to use all the
social icons, but now have them all appear; The ones that should appear
first should be the most popular ones, then have an arrow or something
to open up the remain social icons like addthis does...this way you can
use them all, but they do not all appear unless you click for more options.

now that you have horizontal work out in the threads. I would like to see
  1. a global vertical bar on the home page (once again, same
  2. principle as addthis. Would need to be able to shift the veri
  3. icons from left to right, or right to left easily, and option
  4. to enable or disable any social set, vertical or horz...
So far so good.
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SimonV updated Responsive Social Sharing Buttons (Lite) with a new update entry:

Responsive Social Sharing Buttons Lite 1.3.4

v1.3.4 update contains the following:
  • Updated Twitter sharing URL format (if you have a Twitter Username set in the admin options you will need to remove the @ symbol from that setting)
  • Updated FAQ with information about Facebook OG:meta data
To Update

Upgrade the addon with the new XML file from the XML folder.
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SimonV updated Responsive Social Sharing Buttons (Lite) with a new update entry:

Responsive Social Sharing Buttons Lite 1.3.5

v1.3.4 update contains the following:
  • Updated Facebook svg icon
  • Added Hacker News share button
  • Added VK share button
  • Added missing CSS for tiny button size svg icon colors for Delicious & Stumbleupon
  • Fixed jQuery variable reference error
  • Improvements to how share urls are retrieved and processed
  • Improvements to how share titles are retrieved and processed
  • Improvements URL encoding for button links
  • Removed encoding from phrase “rrssb_email_subject”...
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It appears that you didn't add the info on the updates for 1.3.5 as there is just a link there that circles back to the updates page but with no info on what the changes are for 1.3.5. Either that you you accidentally added them to the info for the 1.3.4 release.
Sorry, I don't understand your comment?

EDIT: I get you now. Spotted the typo in the first line, edited that now thanks. :)
Hello @SimonV Using this add-on on my forum but I have two problems.

First of, when I click Twitter button it opens two windows at the same time.

Secondly, I'm using ThemesCorp's Slider responsive add-on. When I activate it, this add-on's responsiveness is going off. Can you help me to fix this problems?