Won't fix Responsive: Pagination Padding


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I don't have a screenshot and can't seem to find my origin thread, but since padding was fixed in relation to the editor, I thought I'd report this.

If you are in a really long thread with unread posts, the "Go to Unread" in squished up onto the numbers.


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Cannot confirm on iPhone 5 - is this enough to replicate?


Confirmed on iPhone 5 now I've been told that's what I was looking for :p

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The issue is right there in your screenshot...

The Goto First Unread Post button is squashed up against the page numbers...


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This is actually way more complicated to fix than the submit unit version as this is all laid out with floats. We could potentially do some padding, though that would have knock on effects.

I'm going to tag this as won't fix as it's likely not worth the effort and it shouldn't wrap too often.