Browser issue Responsive editor bug


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I just had a strange editor bug. Still not sure how to reproduce it. So maybe a weird random browser issue.

I was writing a post in a thread on my iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4. It was a long post and I had to scroll up when my keyboard overlapped my text a few times (keep reading this is not the bug)

By memory I had to fix a typo so I think I had clicked on a different paragraph to fix the typo. I then had to go and do something and while I was gone my iPhone went to sleep.

When I came back and unlocked my phone the editor had resized and half my text was hidden and even holding my finger down and scrolling down would not bring me to the bottom of my text.

First pic showing you what happened. You can see the text is cut off. That's never happened before.

Second pic showing you I can't get to the bottom of the text.

Third pic I had clicked more options and now you can see I had more text that I could not see previously.

If I reproduce this I will give you the steps. So far I have not had this happen again trying the same scenario.


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Okay long post short, I've reproduced this bug.

iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 in safari in portrait.
1. Create a post with a lot of text lets say 6 big paragraphs.
2. Now click on the last line of say the 3rd paragraph at the start of the line.
3. Turn your phone to landscape.
4. Do nothing until your phone sleeps.
5. Now unlock your phone in portrait.
6. The bug happens.
Ps. If you hold your finger down and go select all text and delete. You can see your mouse cursor is off the editor.


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We've done some debugging and really, this is just a browser bug. iOS actually doesn't let you set iframe heights (it displays the whole contents), so I suspect it's getting confused about the height. This seems to be backed up by the fact that if you retype in it and trigger a wrap, it will redraw.

Nothing much we can do really.