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I have
the first drive 500GB NVMe forum running on that
the second 14TB HDD files, this was attached as folder internal data, to keep all files
the third 14TB HDD for backups

now I am facing another issue. HDD will out of space soon, hosting does not have greater than 14TB HDD

if I add another HDD, I can not merge both HDD into single directory as internal data.

I need your advice, what to do,
create add on like dl manager to upload files via ftp and paste link in resources
files right now are free, but in future will be paid
problem with that third party is: we want to upload file via ftp to keep all files tidy,
I don't personally trust online file managers, we had lost many files on google drive,
I better buy separate server with 50-100 TB total storage, that is not a problem.
also not problem to create custom add to manage my needs

just want to get more advice, as i am for official add on or customization,
simply custom made add on can stuck one day & afraid of losing files, most important spent time
if I add another HDD, I can not merge both HDD into single directory as internal data.
Hmm ... why not?

Normally you'd use smth. like mdraid, LVM, btrfs or ZFS to create logical volumes backed by mirrored ("RAID 1/RAID 10") drives or some kind of erasure coded pool ("RAID 5/RAID 6/RAID Z1/2/3") if using a single node.

If you want to go on-premise route I'd suggest to use 3 nodes and take a look at software defined storage (GlusterFS or Ceph/RadosGW, maybe MinIO).

We do use GlusterFS and AFAIK @digitalpoint as well.

You can do an online-migration from one Flysystem storage to another using the , so if you want to stick with one node (for now) you could add 4x 14 TB (=net capacity 28 TB using mirrored drives) on your existing (or a new) server and online-migrate to that.
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