RM 1.0 Resource Manager Admin Options

While many of you will have seen the Resource Manager from a user viewpoint here, you haven't seen what's available for the admin. Below are screenshots of the main options for the RM, what controls you have over a category, and the permissions available. There are some other things like cache rebuilding and moderator logging that the RM does, but they're not particularly interesting.

So, let's look at some rather big images then...

General Options

Category Controls

This looks good indeed. I'm wondering if with some phrase and template changes it could function as a product review system (like ReviewPost).
I find it rather amusing that people wants to use the resource manager as a basic CMS.
Perhaps the real CMS is not as much away as you think.
Mike thank you so much for not giving info by video. It is so much easier to take in information slower and more thoroughly in places. Also helpful to be able to easily find a specific datum somewhere in the middle.
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