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Lack of interest Resource Manager Activity Phrases


Well-known member
Currently, when you're on the main RM page or browsing through the resource categories, your activity is shown as Viewing resource. However, that's not correct, because you aren't viewing a resource.

I think there needs to be more than one activity phrase to be more specific in the RM areas:
  • When viewing the main RM page, it could be one of these: Viewing resources, Viewing resources list or Viewing list of resources
  • When browsing through the categories and sub-categories, such as Styles (category) and Light Styles (sub-category), it could be this: Viewing resource category [name]

For the main RM page, I'd personally go with Viewing list of resources.


Well-known member
It appears that when you're viewing your watched resources or resource categories, it's also just Viewing resource, which doesn't make any sense. Viewing watched resources and Viewing watched resource categories would sound better.

I wonder, could this maybe be a bug?