RM 2.1 Resource Icons, Use File Thumbnails


I imported close to 4,000 files from VBulletins DownloadsII, almost all of these currently have thumbnails that used to be displayed on the index and category pages, the thumbnails usually determined whether a User downloaded the file based on the image, they are very important.

Discovered that individual Resource Icons are now what I need to display on the Resources pages, most of the files have thumbnails associated with them when the link is clicked.

I'd like to know if there's a query or something that I can do to add these thumbnails as the resource icon for the files?

You can see what my problem is at these links, the most recent manually added files have resource icons, the ones that don't, if you click on the link, they have thumbnails that I'd like to add as the resource icon.



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There wouldn't really be an automated way to do that, short of custom code development. Otherwise you'd need to download the correct image and reupload it as an icon. (The storage/code is very different for icons than attachments.)


Thanks Mike,
That's unfortunate, I wish there was a option to just turn off the Icons and use the thumbnails instead.

Another problem, I could start a new thread if you wish...
VBulletin's DownloadsII added a five digit code and a dash to the prefix of the actual file names, (Batman 66 VPX.zip became 98012-Batman 66 VPX.zip when uploaded) but when downloaded the file was correctly saved without the prefix of 98012-, as Batman 66 VPX.zip. The program ignored the prefix.

My files now have 5 digit codes in front of them when downloading in Resources, some of my downloads won't work properly with the prefix, I realize this isn't Resources fault but rather the importer that I used:

Wondering if there's anything I can do about this with a query or something to ignore the 5 digit prefix?
Thank You
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