Lack of interest Require Like Or Thanks to see Link.


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You could always UNLIKE it if you didn't like it.
Oh sure, I can also ask for a refund on my $50,000 I bought without seeing it first... I mean if it turns out I didn't like it.

Just seems completely counter-intuitive in my opinion... "You must like this in order to see what it is. But you can always unlike it afterwards if you decided you didn't actually like it."

How about just like it if you like it (after you've seen it, so you have something to actually base your liking it on)?


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the 'lockdown' hack was forbidden because of its strong association with warez boards.
any lockdown-type hack (or 'hosting' hack for that matter) would likely draw the attention of k.a.m., so id ask them about it before spending time working on a public release.