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You be guest.​
Decide to register.​
Click Register.​
See Register Overlay. Fill out form.​
Overlay disappears, page flashes, redirected to "Thanks for registering... Return to the forum homepage"​

I suggest either:
1. Put another link to "Return to page you were just viewing". - This would be easy to add.
2. Or make "Thanks for registering..." an overlay (or something), Click "yes", then see the page you were just viewing.

I got this idea in a node that allows guests to post and wanted an easy way for them to register on the Post Thread page. Suggestion #2 above would do that for us.

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I like the idea, but if I'm not mistaken, the account has to be confirmed in order to post.

So if they're returned to the same page (let's say a thread in this instance), there would have to be a notice to confirm their account at the top in order for a reply to work. If they choose to ignore that notice, they would have to receive a popup error on reply to confirm their account.

Another option would be to email the user a confirmation link that transfers them to the page they registered from?
if I'm not mistaken, the account has to be confirmed in order to post.
We allow guests to post in this particular forum.

Still, even when email verification is needed, an improved flow for first-time posters could be beneficial:
1. Go to post. It says to register!
2. Register in overlay.
3. Another overlay: "Please confirm by email", click OK.
4. Create post.
5. If no email verification, "Please verify email before posting!"
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