Add-on Require Custom User Fields completion for Upgrades


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I'm looking for an Add-On that will make designated Custom User Fields required to be completed as part of the User Upgrade process.

Outcome: When users upgrade to paid members, I would like to capture more information about them. (eg. postal address, phone, etc.)

Setup/Configuration: When creating/editing a User Upgrade within ACP, have a tickbox list (like existing Additional User Groups) of defined Custom User Fields. Tick the box against the Custom User Field that will be displayed/required during the Upgrade Process.

User Workflow: From the Account Upgrades page (/account/upgrades) when a user clicks the Purchase button, instead of being immediately transferred to PayPal, present a page displaying the above ticked Custom User Field(s) for the user to complete. Once completed and the user clicks a 'Submit/Save' button (and standard XF field validation is correct/passed), then transfer the user to PayPal.

Is anyone interested in creating such an Add-On?
Bump. No-one?
If anyone would like to see this too, please reply or like to show potential developers there is (or is not) interest :)
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