custom user fields / country + province


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For the "user location", I would like to have "custom user fields" for countries and for provinces.

So it should be a drop-down-field for "country", e.g.: "Germany", "Mexico", "Canada", etc.
And when the user selects a certain country, the next field which is named "Province", should automatically display the "Provinces" of the country which has been selected in the previous drop-down-field.

Or have it so that a user is selecting his "Country" first in a drop-down-field, then he needs to enter his ZIP-code, and then it automatically displays the city or province he is located in.

I would like the have the "user location" being structured, as I would like to implement the ability for users to "search" for other users by location.
Of course this also requires "search" for custom-profile-fields to be implemented.

Anyone able to code something like this ?

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