XF 2.2 Validator value for Custom User Fields


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Hi, so I've used a custom user field to help weed out bots or spam registrations. However I would like to not have to "manually vet" the value entered by those registering every time.

Going through the options just now, I noticed I may have missed something: Validator.

In Options for text fields, I see I did not select a Validator. I assume this would be the answer we hope to see that would then validate an account registration. So that's not helpful!


QUESTION about the validator option:

1- If the answer can be spelled differently (plural, singular), can we enter MORE THAN ONE option, and so that will validate whichever answer is right?

2- Is this field going to be cAsE senSitiVe?


3- What happens on the registrant side when they don't enter the expected correct answer?




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