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[Request] - Looking for NNTP/Email integration...


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Hi all,

Well have just had a run in with my current host for trying to download my vB mysql db. it's too big (well it is around 1.6Gb!). Fair enough i guess.

So looks like i may have to make the move from vB to Xf sooner than hoped - moving from current hosting onto my new VPS. They are supplying me with a db backup tonight! No immediate hurry for this Mod tho, as it's not an "active" site - more like an archive at present, however it's something that i would like to have working within a month really...

To that end i'm looking for someone that might be able to throw something together for me under this. I will obviously pay for this mod, however i would like it made available to all - sort of a small contribution to all the wonderful work thats going on here!

Basically it needs to have the same functionality as this:


So, this mod allows integration with nntp and email - on the NNTP side it will connect and log on to a user specified news server and download the messages, placing them in the user specified forum. On the e-mail side it will parse a mailbox and put any messages found in that mailbox into another user specified forum - current output for news can be seen here :


I have already contacted one person with regards to this mod, and he will take a look next week sometime, however would like obviously others views/thoughts, and also to know if anyone else might be able to do this work??

Many thanks


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Thought i'd bounce this one, since no replies over the last month. Just wondered if any of you pro's out there are interested in something like this yet? It's like i said - happy to pay - just needs someone to agree to do it! The plus is that a VB version exists, so it's almost like porting from one system to the other!