Reporting error message here


I came to via a Google search today and got a security error message talking of a bad certificate when then viewing this site. I thought I should mention this and show you what I saw:


It said there was a problem with the certificate in the error message. It is not your info though and as you can see in the background I was viewing this site and a thread about RSS when the security alert came up, and I then clicked that for more info as shown.

The link from Google said it was to:

I'm not looking for help or info I just wanted to report it in case it helps in any way.


PS: I was using Internet Explorer 11
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I don't have any issues on that page with IE 11 myself (or any other browser). I would have to guess it's from the Gravatar avatar on that page - it may be a mistake with their Akamai configuration in some cases or it might just be something you caught at the wrong moment.
Great. Thanks.

I just wanted to tell you of the revoked certificate security notice in case it was a sign of someone up to no good in some way. As you said it was OK I just looked at the page again and it worked totally normally for me too.