Customizable error message for pattern fail case


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When using the pattern attribute on a form option for validation, can you please add the ability to have a "pattern-message" or "pattern-error" attribute, so that an error message can be more meaningful for the end-user?

For example, today if the "pattern" match validation fails, the error doesn't give the end user any idea of what is wrong with their input.

Thank you!
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Yes... it should at the very least be giving a "hint" to the pattern matching required. Probably simple oversight in the validation processing.
Most folks won't know how to read regex so displaying the pattern match might be tricky. Using a defined string IMO would be most user friendly.
I think customizable error messages for failed pattern validation would be a game-changer. Let's hope future updates include a "pattern-message" attribute for clearer user feedback. In the meantime, consider JavaScript validation for more control over error messages.
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