Not a bug reporting a post does not create a subscription (watched threads)


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Bug, suggestion? I don't know. Seems buggy to me.

Here is what happens:

- A moderator reports a post.
- A thread is created in our Reported Posts forum.
- The moderator is not automatically subscribed to that thread!

- Moderation suffers:
- - Replies to the report are not always seen, since there is no subscription.
- - It is a pain for the moderators to then manually subscribe to that thread.

I suggest:
- Create a subscription for the reporter! That is what happens for all other threads. (Maybe restrict to just moderators if normal "who can view that forum" rules aren't enough)

I could have sworn that I reported this before, but I don't see it in my history.

This is more of a suggestion, than anything.

Bear in mind that most of the time, if a report goes into a forum, it's not usually the case that a normal member would be able to view that forum, and most reports would ordinarily come from normal users rather than moderators.

With this in mind, I doubt we'd actually change this, but also another solution would be to have your moderators "Watch" the forum itself for "New Posts". This would trigger replies for any reports and replies made to those reports.
OK. Our moderators do report posts themselves to start discussions with other moderators about a thread.

This hurts moderation, so I will try to edit the PHP myself.

Watching the forum isn't a solution. A moderator of one forum is not interested in all reports from all forums.

Thanks anyway!
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