XF 1.5 Reported Thread Default Prefix?


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Hi, is there any way, when a thread gets reported and placed in the mods forum, that it can take on the preset prefix for the forum?

As it is now, a reported thread just looks like the same as any other thread, is there a way to give it a pre-fix or perhaps change the font colour of the thread title, to make it stand out and get the attention of the moderators?

When I imported from VB it put prefixes on all the threads, as seen in the pic, but it won't put prefixes on newly reported threads?




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Ok, thanks. Is there a way to possibly change the font colour? I've tried adding html in the phrase for the reported content but it doesn't work.


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No, they're normal threads. There's nothing to distinguish them from manually created threads.


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Why not have a separate sub forum in the staff forum, just for report threads?
I have. I'm just looking for a way for the reported threads to stand out amongst all the other threads when clicking on New Posts, so the mods can pick them up easily and quickly. On a busy forum it's easy to miss a reported thread when you have 3 or 4 pages of New Posts.

Anybody know of an add-on that allows you to use html or bbcode in phrases?