Reported Posts - Email Notification


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Robdog - does this fully work with 1.1.1? Very interested if it does!

Thank you so much for providing the solution.

Ryan Kent

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I am trying out your code and I am stuck at step 6. When I build the Code Event Listener I receive an error "Please enter a valid callback method."

The settings I am using are below. Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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This is quite critical for us - so we'll be using a 3rd party plugin for now, but I think this would be very useful in the core. If something is reported, it's usually urgent enough to remove ASAP (i.e. bad spam) - so waiting until a moderator/admin comes along and notices it could be many hours away (depending on the time of day).

It would be nice to have the option to alert admins and/or mods.


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This ought to be in the core!

@robdog : does your code work with 1.2? Also, how about extending the SQL query so it picks up any forum moderators (i.e. as opposed to just super moderators + admins) for the specific forum where the post was made?


Ditto - so many email notifications are available, but a little surprised to see the one that is actually time sensitive - could be a spam bot attack - there's no way to get an email.